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Majority of UK Homes in Favour of Photovoltaic Power Adoption

According to a recent survey conducted by the Center for Alternative Technology (CAT), the majority of British households would consider adopting photovoltaic technology with 90 percent saying that they would consider and 23 percent saying that they would definitely adopt the technology in their homes. From the 750 homes which were surveyed, the results show a shift in general public opinion towards the practical application of renewable technology, especially if it is something that proves to be financially viable in the long term.

The long-term financial viability of all small-scale renewable projects hinges largely on the upcoming Feed-in tariff, likely to be introduced in 2010. The principle of the tariff is to offset the expense of producing power by non-fossil fuel means and provide incentives to those wishing to invest in renewable plants such as photovoltaic technology. The fixed-rate for megawatts fed into the national grid by small-scale renewable power producers is paid for by existing power companies who are obliged by the government to buy the renewable megawatts, the cost of which is spread across the consumers.

The survey noted that this high potential take-up of PV technology would be dependent on the feed-in tariff paying 50p per unit of energy supplied to the grid. In Germany, this exact system of tariffs has been used successfully to make Germany one of the world’s leaders both in terms of PV technology adoption and public awareness of greener energy production.

CAT spokesman, Mark Watson commented,

“Photovoltaic systems are one of the easiest renewable energy technologies to integrate in towns and cities and as the survey results show, they are generally liked by the general public.”

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written by: By Kevin Langley

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