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Solar panels installation UK

Top 10 Solar Systems in the Market

Photovoltaic cells, or solar cells, as they are commonly referred to, have come a long way since their inception in 1941. The solar cells in the earliest days had an efficiency of around 2 percent. It was Les Hoffman, the CEO of the Hoffman Electronics Corporation who initially increased the efficiency to a staggering 14 …

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Solar Photovoltaics – The Future

Solar photovoltaics involve the conversion of solar power into electricity. This is attained using photovoltaic cells that are made up of material that produce electrons as the sunlight falls on it. After that, the electrons are stored so as to generate electricity for human usage. Generally, the material used in photovoltaic cells is silicon. Nowadays, …

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Eco Towns in the UK

You would be hard pushed in our current times to not be aware of the debates surrounding environmental change and the efforts of governments and individuals to encourage sustainable living.  The recent announcement by the British Government of four new eco-towns to be developed around the UK creating 1000’s of ‘carbon neutral’ homes is a …

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What are the various benefits of Solar Panels & how to install solar panels in your home?

Installing solar panels in your home has several benefits such as cost savings, energy efficiency, and decreased dependency. Instructions for installing solar panels are to research the web, select local suppliers, compare quotes, identify a suitable location, and install the solar panels.  If you are thinking of some effective ways to make your home more …

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What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is a word that refers to the energy that is clean, sustainable, and obtained from naturally regenerating sources. We can generate enough heat and electricity for all of our homes, companies, and industry needs by combining these natural resources with sophisticated technology. Renewable energy, once installed, produces no or very little pollution and …

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